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In Lori's own words, "Lack of housing is one of the major concerns for our city." She understands the challenges businesses face due to inadequate housing options. Her commitment to not just affordable housing but all housing is unwavering.

Electricity Savings

Through Lori's work with Nashua Community Power, electric bills have been reduced by over 22% on the supply side.

City's Financial Health

"While leading the board" Nashua has been financially sound and has attained a AAA bond rating.

Public Safety

Lori's dedication has helped guarantee that Nashua remains one of the safest cities in America.

Public Education

A staunch advocate for quality public education, Lori believes in providing the very best for Nashua's youth.

Beyond these focal areas, Lori recognizes the importance of holistic development. She's actively involved with the Nashua Community Power Steering Committee, making strides in securing sustainable energy solutions for the city.


Lori is always open to feedback and ideas from the community, ensuring that every resident's voice is heard and valued. Her approach is inclusive, collaborative, and forward-thinking, aiming to address both current challenges and future opportunities.

Let Lori know what you think! She will be glad to hear from you.

"We have a lot of work ahead to continue providing the level of services that our residents deserve."

~ Lori Wilshire

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